English in South Africa is spoken with a variety of accents which may create:
  • major comprehension and communication problems
  • high levels of listener dissatisfaction.
Anyone who is communicating in English but does not speak English as a first language may benefit from accent modification.

The MC&A Accent Training Programme is designed to equip learners with the necessary pronunciation to speak English that is understandable by English speakers throughout the world.

The training focuses not only on the aspects of voice such as pitch, nasality, resonance etc but also most importantly for speech clarity on all the phonemes (vowels and consonants) in the English language.

The programme begins with an individual assessment to identify specific areas for development. The training is interactive and allows participants to practice the skills learnt in between sessions with the aid of pre-recorded CD's which accompany the manual.

Accent and speech clarity are:

  • In call centres, one of the fundamental cornerstones of customer service.
  • In telemarketing, telesales and collections, the difference between success and failure.
  • An overall contributor to quality service and customer satisfaction.